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About Nottinghamshire FC & This Website

The Nottinghamshire FC Website & Online Fanzine

Nottinghamshire FC were founded in 1895 and were originally known as Notts Magdala, they are one of the founder members of the Midland Amateur Alliance established in 1904.

Nottinghamshire still play in the Midland Amateur Alliance and currently have two teams in the league. The club has enjoyed 99 years in the Midland Amateur Alliance, and now the first team have moved to the Notts Amateur Alliance league.

This website has been designed by Gary Newton, a current player of Nottinghamshire FC as a record of achievements past and present for a club with a long and distinguished history as an amateur football club. The content of this website has been created by representatives of the Nottinghamshire FC, unless indicated otherwise.

For many years Nottinghamshire FC have been producing their own club fanzine, "Barking At The Moon".
This website has been created to allow current, and many formers players scattered across the globe, to keep in touch with what is happening at the club.

The Nottinghamshire FC website & online fanzine has taken the existing club fanzine content to produce a site dedicated to the footballing aspects of the club and the typical non-footballing elements associated with most amateur football clubs.


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