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Nottinghamshire FC DOES NOT have personal insurance for players, and does not accept responsibility for insuring players who do not have their own have personal insurance.

Players are covered under insurance from Nottinghamshire FA, but this is very limited cover and only applies to very serious injury.

Nottinghamshire FC DOES recommend that any individual in any way concerned about the consequences of injury should consider taking out personal insurance as cover in the event of any injury suffered while playing for Nottinghamshire FC.

Personal insurance protecting against sporting related injuries is offered by most reputable insurance companies.

Nottinghamshire FC can provide any players considering such policies with a list of potential insurance companies for consideration. This list is not exhaustive and in no way should be construed as policies recommended or endorsed by the club.

Nottinghamshire FC advises all players considering such insurance to investigate the levels of protection offered and all policy clauses before taking out any insurance to ensure the chosen policy is suitable to their needs.

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